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     Fruit Facts

Within this site you will be able to learn about California fresh fruit, the availability of specific fruit varieties, the origin of each fruit type, the nutritional, health, and recipes of each types of fresh fruit.

Each month unfolds with a vibrant selection of classic and tree ripe tree fruit.

If you're disappointed with ordinary, tasteless tree fruit; then you will be delighted with California Tree Ripened fruit.

A typical produce market fruit is often grown for size and color. It may look good yet taste flat. Often the problem is that it was the wrong variety, picked too soon, stored too long, shipped too far, and handled too many times. Fruit distributed this way may not be flavorful.

We Feature only the finest Fruits from the California, San Joaquin Valley where the fruit is actually grown. We are California Produce farmers and our fruit product is not picked till it is Tree Ripe and delicious.

We offer a range of varieties which mature at different overlapping times, thus allowing us to provide unique and delicious fruit for extended periods. Why order fresh fruit from another state when it grows right here?

Click on the links below the images to find detailed information about each featured fruit.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by.

The Fruits Pictured may be available in the month of July.

Some fruits may be grown outside of California.